Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Get Started Using Blender 3D

Over this past week I have been hard at work on another new project that I will post on the blog once it is farther along. In the mean time I have been asked by several people to post some help on how to get started creating 3D images and animation using Blender 3D a free software you can download online. Here is the first of a set of videos I now have posted to do just that. These videos come from a site called Blender This is a perfect way to get your feet wet and start learning how to use this software. If you have not already seen some of the creations that I have made with this wonderful software check out my Blender 3D Creations page here on my blog.  Also at Blender there are further tutorials and information that will help you to create a lot of different things once you learn the basics.  I hope you will enjoy using Blender as much as I have over the past ten years.

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