Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Hamilton Technical College Lectures

  I had a big day yesterday giving a series of five lectures to the students at Hamilton Technical College in Davenport Iowa.  I was asked by Gene Brack one of the faculty members if I would give the lectures to help kick off a new program called the Student Creative Initiative that the school is just starting.  I agreed to do the lectures and so my day was filled with informing close to 200 students during the day of what I have been working on over the years and what projects I am currently working on and some ideas for future projects. 
  The students will have the opportunity to submit their ideas to the faculty for a project that they may have been thinking about doing but simply could not start because of lack of tools, guidance or money.  If the project they want to create is approved it will be funded by the school and the students have until next March to complete their projects.  Hamilton Tech is heavy into electronics but the students were told that their projects need not be only about electronics but must include this aspect of their schooling.  I was asked to do the lectures to hopefully inspire the students in to thinking about different things that they could create and how the creation process takes place.  At least how it takes place with me anyway.
   It was a busy day for me and I was asked a lot of good questions concerning the projects that I have designed and built and also some great ideas about future projects.  Hopefully I managed to spark a few ideas in the minds of the students with the slide presentation that I showed them and the smaller projects that I could pass around the room during the lecture.  As you can tell by my blog here I enjoy doing what I am doing and hopefully a little of that enthusiasm has rubbed off  me and on to the students that I spoke to.  I wish them good luck with their ideas and hopefully something great will come out of the program.

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