Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Blogs Sixth Anniversary.... A Little Review And A Big Thank You.

Well another year has come and gone.  No it's not New Years already.  It's my blog's sixth anniversary.  When I started the blog I thought if anyone reads what I post about it would be great. If nobody reads what I post about I would chalk it up to experience and move on to something else.  I am very happy to say the blog is doing well after all this time and I am still enjoying designing, building, and writing about the projects that I post about.  Apparently so are you.... my faithful readers. As of this posting the number of visits to the blog have reached over 405,000 visitors. Google+ the last time I looked had a count of over 5.5 million visitors.  I am thrilled that so many of you still enjoy the projects and subjects that I write about on my blog.  So to all of you I say "Thank You! You have made this year another exciting and rewarding one for me."  

I had to go back through my postings over this past year to remember all that I had created and worked on.  It has been a busy year once again with over 20 projects having been made.  So to save time I decided to post photos of them again here so you can see what I have been up to over the past year in case you missed a few projects along the way.  Thank you once again and enjoy the photos.

 Miniature Boom Box

Captain America Ball Chair

New 3D Printed GPS Mount For My Motorcycle

3D Printed Camera Mount For My Motorcycle

Paracord Binoculars Strap

Work Table Spray Booth

Instant Insanity Game (3D Printed)

Utility Cart

Micro Camera Tripod

Custom Micro-Cooler For My Motorcycle

 Microphone Pop Filter 

3D Printed Action Camera Grip

Blender 3D 1951 Chevy Pickup

How to Model Headlights in Blender 3D

Blender 3D Holli Virtual Assitant

Motorcycle Helmet Glasses Mount.... "Fast Glasses"

Blender 3D Futurama Stealth Ship

Couch Table

3D Printed RC Plane

Human powered Vehicle with Power Trailer

The Ridekick Special Power Trailer

Chest Mount for Action Camera

"Dexter" Muppet

Planet Express Sign

Blender 3D 356 Porsche

Teardrop Trailer Concept Design

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