Monday, May 8, 2017

New Camera Mount For My Goldwing Motorcycle!

Through the winter months I put together all kinds of things that I only get to test out or play with once the weather is more conducive to being outdoors.  Case in point is todays project that I got to test out just yesterday.  The warm weather has finally arrived here in the Midwest and with it a large grin on my face returns after I get to ride my Goldwing motorcycle having been stored for many months in the garage.  To the point here....
  I picked up a small action camera called a Mokacam some time back and this called for a special mount so that I could get some video shot while riding my bike.

I have posted several other projects that needed a special mount or tripod for the Mokacam (shown in the photo above on the right).  On the left is the special mount that I 3D printed so the little 4K camera could be mounted to my Goldwing.  The part in the center of the photo is the connector that ties the camera to the 3D printed mount by a simple threaded rod with a twist knob on one end of it.

Here is a good shot of the mount on my Goldwing's rear saddle bag guard. The mount is simply held in place by screwing together the upper and lower portion of the mount with chrome plated hardware the holds it securely in place around the guard when it is in use.

Here is the complete assembly with the camera in place ready for use.  I also added a safety line to the mount (not shown) when I shot the test video.  I did not want the chance to loose the camera for some reason as I thought it better to be safe than sorry.  The way the camera is pointed in the photo above would be a good view for video but had to be moved to the outer most point on the guard so the camera could be pointed to the rear for the video that I shot and is shown below.   I also mounted the camera up on my handlebars as well as on the front engine guard so that I could get several different camera angles for the video.  The only thing that I needed to make the video even better was to have a camera mounted onto another motorcycle and shooting me on my bike.  That will have to wait for another day.

  Overall I was very happy with how the video turned out as the little Mokacam lived up to the promise of great looking video.  The mount work perfectly and was very solid and smooth.  The only thing that was not so good was the audio.  The little camera picked up a ton of wind noise so the audio was unusable.  This really did not matter to me as I never intended to use the audio but rather wanted to add music to make the video just a bit more interesting anyway.  The "Goldwing Song" came to mind from the start and so it was a good choice for the video.  If your not into the song just turn down the audio and enjoy the scenery.

Here's the complete video.  It's only around four minutes long. Enjoy!

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