Monday, March 27, 2017

My 1951 Chevy Blender 3D Pickup Truck Is Completed!

After a couple of marathon sessions on Blender over the past few days I am happy to report that I've completed my 1951 Chevy pickup truck model that I have been working on.  The truck alone took 58 hours to complete and would have taken even longer if I had put in the time to model the interior.  Something to think about at a later date.  But for now here is how it all turned out.

I had to do research online to find the 90 plus photos I needed for the modeling of the truck.  This included photos of everything from tires to windshield wipers.  I then had to work out all the little details that I wanted that I had never worked on before in making a vehicle like this.  One thing that comes to mind was the tire sidewalls.  It turned out to be one of the simpler tasks I needed for this model but in the long run makes it just that much more detailed and I learned some new along the way for future vehicles.

With all of my vehicle models I play around with the lighting a great deal and this one was no exception. With the truck I had two ways to go with the how I also wanted to model it.  I could have made it in stock form as well as a custom hot rod.  With it being a custom it made things simpler as I could do whatever I wanted with the truck as far as wheels, paint or even the tail end as you see here.  Also if I want to put in the interior that it could be anything I like and want to dream up.  So it just made things simpler in the long run.

Here is another image that I had in mind when I started modeling the truck.   Weeks back I made a tutorial on how to put people into Blender 3D using Makehuman software.  So this is my first attempt at doing just that to tell a bit of a story rather than just showing off the truck. I knew I wanted the lady in the picture and then I had to figure out if I wanted a guy along with her and then how would I pose them?  I thought about it a while and came up with this image of a guy taking a photo of his lady friend sitting on the running board of his truck.  The tough part in the image for me was getting the grass put in and then matching it to the background.  After that I continued tweaking the lighting until I was happy with the final picture. 

I'm not sure if I am done with this image yet or not.  It took me an additional 8 hours to create the outdoor scene picture and I'm still thinking of ways to improve upon it.  Maybe a picnic blanket, cooler, pop cans etc. to fill the story of the picture in a little more for the viewer.  For now I am happy to have gotten this far along with the truck to show you how it all turned out. Another vehicle on my wish list that I probably will never own other than in my artwork.  No matter what it is far cheaper than the real thing and I have already many hours of enjoyment in creating the images you see here. I also still have bragging rights when people see it.  So it's a win-win in my book once again. Enjoy the images.

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