Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Unique Chair From Airplane Parts!

This morning I received a comment about my blog and my current Captain America ball chair project.  The person who wrote the comment did not give me his or her name so it is difficult for me to say thank you personally.   The point here is that my reader had  said that they enjoyed my blog and has been following my progress on different projects in the process.   The one thing that this reader also passed along to me was a website for the following chair that is similar to my Captain America ball chair.

This chair is produced by a company named Fallen Furniture located in Bath, England and was made using a refurbished 737 engine cowling.  The company specializes in furniture that is built from reclaimed aircraft parts.  Mostly jets from what I can see on their website. I just had to post photos of the chair and info about the site so anyone interested could also see what had been passed along to me.  To say the chair is big is an understatement.  It is 200 cm x 200 cm x 200 cm in size.  I did the calculations and that dimension is 80" x 80" x 80" in size.  BIG!  A very cool chair that you and a couple of friends could sit in all at the same time.  I did not check into the price of this chair or the other products that this company sells but I am sure it would not be cheap.  Impressive but not cheap. 
  The company also produces, clocks, tables, lighting, drinks cabinets, cowling bars, and fuselage wall art. For more information about the products  Fallen Furniture sells check out the link below.


  1. This chair is a fairly simple build, although it does take a fair amount of time to cut the parts and drill the holes in all of them, but after that's done it's pretty simple. The design sparked my interest and I figured I would make one or two of them, I'm glad I did, they turned out great!