Sunday, July 13, 2014

Velomobile Mirror STL Files And Instructions Now Are Available

With the massive amount of interest and email I have received over this past year about my velomobile project I have decided to make available to all you velomobilist (is that a word?) out there that I am offering for sale the STL files and instructions to make your own rear view mirrors for your velomobile project. Sorry I'm not about to make plans for my velomobile itself.  That would take another year  at least just to figure out how to put that all together.  But at least you can make the mirrors that you have been looking for.

These files and instructions can be purchased on my Projects Plans and  3D Printer STL Files link on this site for only $5.00.  To make a set of mirrors you will need to have a 3D printer, purchase simple to find hardware, a set of two inch blind spot mirrors, and paint.  In the easy to follow instructions you will be shown how to assemble the mirrors and mount them on to you velomobile.  Place an order for the STL files and instructions and make your payment using PayPal.  Once I receive confirmation of your payment I will send you an email with the files that you ordered.  Fast and easy and usually orders are emailed out within a couple of days.  So if you have been searching for the right mirrors for your velomobile project now is the time to place an order. 

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