Monday, June 30, 2014

Velomobile Tail And Signal Lights Are Installed!

As with any project problems and delays happen. This has been the case this week with my velomobile project.  I was all ready to install the signal light assemblies and get them up and running when I found out that one of the controllers for the lights is defective.  So this has put a snag once again in to my progress waiting for replacement parts.  The good news out of all of this is that the tail light  and signal light assemblies (but not working) for the velomobile went into the vehicle without a hitch.  So I have to take the bad with the good like anyone else.  Here are a few photos of what progress was made this week.

That big gaping void that was in the back of the velomobile is finally filled with the tail light assembly that I got put together this morning.  A very nice clean look in my humble opinion. Also you can see that the right rear signal light has also been installed. The only thing missing is the small cover that will close up the opening for the access port to mount the body on to the frame.  I have these parts ready for the big day so I will wait until then to install them.

The rear of the velomobile now houses two different lights.  The upper one being a motion sensitive brake light and the lower one being a standard strobe.  

The rear plexi-glass hatch opens up to allow easy access to the two lights to turn them on and off and also to remove the to replace batteries. The door is held close with a magnetic latch.

This lights really brighten up the rear end of the velomobile and that is always a good thing to have when I am going down the road. 

Here are a couple shots of one of the front signal light assemblies.  The lights went into the velo without a hitch.  Just like I knew what I was doing.  LOL.  The clear plexi-glass cover will help with the air flow around the light when I am moving down the road and it gives it a nice clean look as well. 

Here is a closer look at one of the rear lights as well.   I have all of the internal wiring for the signal lights mounting inside of the velo and am anxious to get the replacement parts I need so that I can get all of the signal lights working properly. Once this is done the body of the velo can be mounted on to the frame and final tweaks can be made to make it road worthy.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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