Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Tools Are Being Moved In!

  Another big step toward the completion of the new Tinker's Workshop has taken place today with the moving in of the tools that have been sitting idle, disassembled, and scattered about waiting for the renovation to be completed.  I finished the painting of the new shop yesterday and so today I spent most of the day assembling the workbench, band saw, scroll saw, and the CNC machine.  Along with these pieces I had to move in the drill press and started sorting out some of the hand tools for the shop.  Here is what it looks like with most of the big tools in place.  Hopefully I will  not have to play musical chairs or should say musical tools with the shop in the future.  Just will have to see how the set up will work out.  

With the newly painted white walls and good lighting the workbench really stands out.  Even got the stereo dusted off and fired up after a lot a long absence. I just cannot believe I have this great space to build my next big project in.

The CNC machine is assembled once again but it will be a  little while longer before I will be able to use it as I will need to put together a small desk or stand to hold the keyboard and monitor.   I am really happy that I have all the electrical outlets that I put into the shop.  Makes it a lot easier to plug in all the equipment without extension cords. The white curtains will have to go though.  Just does not fit the new shop at all.  Need something a lot more industrial looking to match the rest of the shop.     

  This is a good shot of all the tools in place in the shop.  The table saw in the middle of the photo will remain as you see it here.  This will allow for cutting of large or long pieces of wood without having to moving anything in the process.  What needs to be built next for the shop is a large work table that I will use for my fiber glassing projects.  This will be placed pretty much where I was standing when I took this photo.  The work table will be 4 x 8 feet in size.  This will be a great addition to the shop.  I also have to find a spot for my hot wire table for my fiber glassing projects.  I will more than likely build another base similar to what the miter saw is sitting on to hold the hot wire table.  Along with all of this I will mount a large peg board on the wall that is shown in the middle of the photo. This will be 4 x 6 foot in size.  It will give me a great space to hang a lot of my hand tools. 
  The workshop is coming together nicely now. I only have to touch up the white paint here and there and install the doors.  Once this is done I will have to make up a new sign to hang on the wall.  "The Tinker's Workshop"..... in big letters of course.  When I get it put together I'll post it here.  Lots to do and now a great place to do it in. Another good day to be sure!

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