Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Body For My Electric Car Model Using Blender 3D

This past week or so I have been playing with building a body for the electric car model that I just completed only a few weeks ago.  This is a long and slow process to create a fiberglass body for such an interesting and detailed model. This can be tedious at times but fun at the same time. Sometimes my ideas for such a project as this I want to show off quicker and what I've found works the best for me is to create my ideas on the computer using Pro-Engineering software.  This is ok but to make it a lot more interesting and polished looking I then take it a step farther and send the files to Blender 3D software to really start getting my ideas across.   With Blender 3D I am able to refine my ideas of what a finished model or even a real electric car would be like.  My dreams come to life using Blender 3D and if you have not learned how to use this great software yet I strongly urge you to do so. Jump in and take the plunge.  Your efforts will be rewarded by being able to make your ideas come to life  even if only it is on a computer screen.  With this in mind here are a couple images of my idea for  a body for my electric car design.  Someday I hope that this vehicle will actually roll down the road. Until then these images help me get my ideas across to everyone here.  Enjoy.

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