Friday, July 6, 2012

On The Skids!....... In A Good Way!

With all the heat that we have been experiencing here in the Midwest it has forced many people to stay indoors.... me included.  Luckily this is not a bad thing here at the Tinker's Workshop where my progress on with the Gyrokite project continues.  Here's what has been happening with the project over the past couple of days.

 This is a good shot of the internal workings of the Gyrokite project.  The white rim on the outer edges of the fuselage is a micro-balloon putty that stiffens the structure but is still very light weight.  In the upper center of the photo you can see the horizontal tail structure ready for mounting.

The black tail section for the mounting of the horizontal tail stabilizer was printed on the Makerbot and still will have to be tweaked a bit in order finish the assembly.

  This is a good shot of the main rotors temporarily mounted on the fuselage with the landing skids.  A  vane on the top of the structure still has to be constructed and assembled for the final assembly.

The top view shows the two counter rotating main rotors. Each rotor assembly is 36 inches long and 1 an 1/2 inches wide made from bass wood and Makerbot printed center hubs.

A couple of more internal shots of the Gyrokite with the landing skids installed and mounting parts to mate the left and right sides of the fuselage. The blue in the photos is just tape to hold the mounting nuts in place while the assembly is being put together. 

This is a good view of the fuselage primed in gray paint.  I will paint the fuselage red with a white accent and a gloss black windshield which should set the assembly off nicely.

   I just could not resist getting this post out to let everyone know how the project has been moving along.  More updates in the coming days as I get farther along. Hope your staying out of the heat like I am and have the time to work on something you have been dreaming of. Enjoy.

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