Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gyrokite Fuselage Almost Ready For Final Paint

  I've been busy today making adjustments and modifications to my Gyrokite project.  One of the main changes that needed to be made was the replacement of the landing skids.  The original design for the skids was to short in length to support the fuselage correctly.  The tail of the fuselage ended up sitting on the ground when placed on a flat surface.  

This photo shows the Gyrokite with the new skids installed.  They are two inches longer than the original design and have additional bracing for strength.  They actually look better and will give the Gyrokite a better footing when sitting on the ground. This is where the new Makerbot 3D printer was a big plus as the skids now are eight inches long.  On an earlier Makerbot printer I was using in Davenport you could not make parts any bigger than three inches in length on a good day.  

I also got the tail section of the Gyrokite mounted onto the rear of the fuselage today.  All the primer has been wet sanded smooth and is now ready for final painting of the fuselage.  This will happen in the next couple of days along with the final assembly of the main rotors, vertical wind vane, and mounting hardware to the internal mast support. Once I complete this portion of the work for this project I will post the final photos and be ready to test fly it once we get a good windy day. Just will have to keep my fingers crossed that it flies as well as it already looks!

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