Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Solsylva CNC Machine Build Part 4.... Progressing Nicely

Press the YouTube button for a bigger view of the video.

  This week members of the QC Co-Lab maker space (Davenport Iowa) and I started assembling a good portion of the parts for the Solsylva CNC machine. With the helping hands of John Richards, Ben Ziegler, and Steve Hamer work progressed nicely.  Steve is the president of the QC Co-Lab maker space and is a driving force when it comes to projects like this one.  These friends of mine are shown in the video putting the machine together as I directed the construction and handled the camera work.  It's much easier having someone else handling the tools while trying to create video at the same time.  
  A group effort that makes this whole project that much easier, fun, and better in the long run. Enjoy this installment of the build and see how easy it is to put one of these great machines together.

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  1. This is a nice project since a cnc plasma cutter can be a good investment especially if you own a machine or metal shop. If you have the skills and knowledge to build this machine, then good for you. I am looking forward for the projects that you are going to have in the future using this machine.