Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Clock Concepting Work Using Blender 3D

Today I have been working on some concepts of a new clock that I have in mind. The internals of the clock are displayed using the same principals as the Angel display shown below.  I used Blender 3D software to do this work and I think my efforts have once again paid off nicely.  I have two similar yet different clock displays shown as though they were already built and sitting on my desktop.

  The original clock was laid out in a horizontal layout but after doing some calculations and looking at the dimensions of it, this did not look good.  It would have taken up way to much desk space. The vertical layout you see here seemed to be a better idea.  It still could display the clock numbers the way I wanted and yet take up a lot less space at the same time.  Also the clear display was discarded as it made reading the clock more difficult to do so.

  As you have seen in previous posts I use Blender 3D software a lot in the creation of many of my projects.  It's a free way to see if and idea is even worth looking at and I can do the concepting work in a fraction of the time it would take using engineering modeling software.  I think the clock will be a worthwhile effort to put together. 

  My friend Steve Hamer from the QC Co-Lab maker space in Davenport Iowa helped me test out the display idea using high intensity LED lights and so far it looks promising. The next step is to make the display a bit brighter (maybe double up the amount of lights?) and figure out the outer case as you see here.  I like the black case but the wooden case would also be very nice and probably simpler to put together. Just will have to keep plugging along on the idea. Once step at a time..... one step at a time.

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