Saturday, September 3, 2011

1912 Indian Motorcycle Photo To Drawing and Da Vinci Homer Simpson

Been a pretty busy day today working on converting a 1912 Indian motorcycle racer into a drawing that I can use to do an engraving with my CNC machine.  The drawing was pulled up in Corel software and traced over line by line as you can see below.

This is what the rear wheel looked liked after it was traced and the photo was removed.  Starting to look pretty good at this point.
  Next the work continued on to complete the motorcycle as you see below of the photo and the completed drawing.  The hardest part was the engine and all the detail that I put into it.  This was a good day to work on this kind of thing as it has been raining most of the day and that is about the amount of time it took to create the drawing.....all day.

Below is what the complete Indian motorcycle racer looks like as a photograph complete and as a drawing complete.  I will convert the drawing to a Windows Meta File or WMF and then it will be converted again to create the Gcode to run in my CNC machine.  I think it will be a good engraving to make something that is sizable.  I thought possibly that I might add the Indian Head Logo behind the motorcycle.  This would be an easy thing to accomplish with Corel.  Probably will take at least a couple more hours to set it up.  I will have to look into it and see what it will look like.

On another drawing I worked on a few days ago I traced out another Homer Simpson that I want to do an engraving of on my CNC machine.  I call it Da Vinci Homer or what a lot of people are calling it online is Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - Homer Simpson.  Homer is shown holding a TV remote, a can of Duff bear, a pastry, and a hot dog.  Behind him is a giant doughnut. Again I think this will be a fun engraving to put on a lot of different things. I've already ran a test on Mach 3 and it will take a little over an hour to do the engraving so that's not terribly long.


  1. Do you share your G code for this bike


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