Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress with my Makerbot Semi and The Hamilton Tech Student Creative Initiative.

  I've finally got started printing parts for my Makerbot Semi yesterday at the QC Co-Lab in Davenport.  I had spent the previous few days attending a funeral for a family member so the Makerbot Semi was put on hold for a bit.  I was at the Co-Lab all day yesterday printing for a total of five and half hours.  I will take photos of the progress once a few more parts are made.  I want to keep the progression in a logical order otherwise it will not make much sense in the photo sequence. That and the fact that I want to paint the parts all silver for the first portion of the build. I am working on the chassis for the semi tractor and had to correct a modeling omission before I proceeded. I have that corrected now but being as the Makerbot is in Davenport and I am seventy miles from it in Dubuque it will all have to wait till tomorrow when I can spend the entire day once again.  

  I also had to work on a presentation today that I will be giving to the students at Hamilton Technical College in Davenport next week.  Hamilton Tech is starting a new program called the Student Creative Initiative which will encourage students to create a project and Hamilton Tech will foot the bill for it.  I was asked to give a presentation on what I have been creating, dreaming of, and designing to hopefully spark some ideas in the students to get them started on their own projects.  I have ten minutes to talk about projects that I would normally spend a couple hours on.  A tough thing to do but I think I have it pretty well dialed in for the presentation.  Should be interesting no matter what. 

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