Friday, May 18, 2018

Fusion Drive Spaceship Pt 6.............It's Completed!

After having worked over 200 hours on my Fusion Drive Spaceship model I finally completed it early this afternoon!  Having had to redesign the model to make it stronger and more able to be repaired if it ever needs to be I am proud to present it to you now. 

(Click on pictures for a larger view)

With all the work that went into the model I am more than happy with my efforts and how it all turned out.  The model as you see  here is roughly 26" long, 14" tall on the stand and 12" wide.  All of the components that make up the model were 3D printed excluding the large light bulb and the domes on the front of the dual engines on both sides of the fusion drive (large light bulb).  I am also happy with the photo above as I took these shots on my kitchen floor.  Most people who know me would think that this is another Blender 3D model.  I am happy to say it is the real thing.

Once all of the parts were redesigned for the new model you see here the parts were sanded, primed and sanded and primed...etc....etc.   Once I was happy with the finish of the parts I was able to lay down the nice glossy white paint that you see in the photos above.   Assembly of the model took me around 1 1/2 hours as there are over 100 parts in the model.  Everything fit as I had planned so I am more than happy that I did not have to redesign the model again to make further changes to it. 

As you can see in the photo above I am a very happy camper!  The photo also gives you a very good idea as to how large this model is.  I am also happy that I have already started work on the carrying case for this model as I want to protect it now more than ever from coming to any harm that could happen to it when I transport it from or to the local makerspace or a maker fair.  

With the size of the model the name Titan fits for sure.  I know it will be a big hit with my friends from my makerspace and I hope you also approve.  The spaceship by the way is removeable from the stand and it to is very solid in construction so I will not have to worry about the model when it is on display.  

Another very good day here at the Tinker's Workshop.  I hope you latest project is going as well as this one has for me.  Have a good day in your shop!

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