Friday, March 6, 2015

Another Step Closer For Indian Motorcycle Display

Work on my Indian motorcycle display has been progressing nicely with refinements being made to the frame design.  I originally planned on using a wooden framework to hold the banner that is now on order.  While this would be an easy way to accomplish this part of the project I have had some second thoughts about using 1 X 4 lumber for the framework.  The wood frame would look fine I am sure but I wanted something a bit cleaner looking and lighter to hang on the wall.  The cost would not be a real big factor but the look was not exactly what I have in mind.  I thought possibly that I would use copper tubing.  This idea was scrapped because copper is expensive and still a bit heavier than I wanted for the framework.  Instead I have decided to use PVC tubing.  But for the connectors for the corners of the framework the idea of using plumbing fittings just would ruin the entire look of the display.  Instead I will make my own fittings for the banner and frame corners using my 3D printer and my CNC machine.  Here is what I have in mind.

The framework will have smooth cornered fittings at the corners so I do not end up with having that plumbing look that I spoke of earlier.  There will need to be fourteen 3D printed fittings for the framework that will hold the assembly together.  Along with these fittings will be four 1/4 inch Plexiglass triangular plates that will be mounted into each corner to keep everything aligned and hold the banner with a special set of corner clips that I found at my local home and builders store. 

Here's a good view of what I have in mind for the framework corners.  This is the lower right corner with all the hardware in place.  The center circular part with the tab on it is the special little clamp that is attached to each corner of the banner.  This clamp holds the banner tight and with another special little 3D printed attachment to the tab allows it to be bolted through the center slot in the Plexiglass.  This slot makes it possible for the banner to be adjusted so it can be pulled tight in all four corners. The Plexiglass is held in place with two outer tube clamps and a center corner bolt to the 3D printed "L" mount.  The outer tube clamps are also bolted to the outer tubes to hold the framework securely together.  

In this view of the upper right corner of the framework the only difference to the assembly is the upper mount for the top tube and Plexiglass along with the eye bolt that is attached to it.  The eye bolt attaches to a mounting chain that will be hooked into the ceiling so the display can be hung up when the assembly is completed. With the PVC tubing and the 3D printed parts the cost for the project has been reduced once again along with the weight of the entire assembly.  Once I have everything put together I will disassemble the assembly and then prime and paint the tubing a bright red to match the what you see here.  After everything has dried and looks the way I want it will be put back together again. 
  My original budget for this project was set at $100.  The way it looks now it will be closer to half that cost!  (Puts a smile on my face to be sure.)  Always a good thing to have a project come way under budget.  I'll have to double check my calculations for these plans once the banner is in my hands so that everything will mount up  correctly as you see here without any problems. After I get all the materials together I will post more about this fun project and keep you up to date on it's construction and completion.

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