Thursday, June 6, 2013

Always Expect To Make Revisions With Your Projects

This week has taught me that there is never a time when a project is ever really completed.  Point in case is the CNC Computer Desk that I thought was ready to use four months back when I put the last coat of paint on it. I was wrong.

  I was sure that it was exactly what I needed until yesterday. The desk will be used for my newly redesigned CNC machine and it's enclosure.  With the PC tower placed on the lower platform of the CNC enclosure stand I am not able to plug the monitor into it. The cable to connect the monitor is way to short to reach.  So a revision to the desk needed to be made.

The simplest thing to do is to have the tower inside the desk with the addition of a new lower deck and a 2 x 4 brace to support it.

The lower platform only took about twenty minutes to add to the computer desk and now gives the computer tower a great place to be stored along with anything else that needs a place to be stored.  It also solves the problem with being able to connect the computer to the CNC machine and the monitor at the same time.  An additional plus to the upgrade is the fact that I can now unplug the computer desk easily from the CNC machine and move the desk out of the workshop when I am not using it.  
  So I learned another lesson today.  Never say any project is completed until you plug it in, power it up, and play with it a while. Even then you just never know what changes can or will be needed to make it better.  Moral of the story.... keep an open mind when it comes to your projects and ideas.  I know from now on I will here at The Tinker's Workshop.

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