Sunday, October 4, 2015

A New Project With A Real Learning Experience

This week at the Tinker's Workshop has brought something totally new to my little piece of the world.  I have been in contact with the University of Wisconsin in Platteville (UWP) and have been asked to put together several classes to teach Blender 3D graphics!
  I have been using Blender 3D for over 15 years now and as most of my loyal readers know I am a big fan and promoter of this great free software and have posted many of my projects that I have created using Blender.  Most currently my VW Bug project shown here that you can find more info about in older posts. 
I spoke with  Kerie Wedige who is the manager of the Community Education Program at UWP a couple of days ago and I am very excited to have the chance to start an introductory Blender 3D class  for the community.  I figure an introductory class would be a good place to start and if all goes well I would expand that to an intermediate class and possible an advanced class later on.  It all depends on the number of people that turn out just for the first class.
Work has already begun here at the shop to start laying out the ground work for the intro class.  I have to put together my teachers manual and tutorial plan.  It's in my head so that at least is a good start.  Just will have to put the hours in on this part of it over the next couple of weeks to pull it all together.  From there it will be turned over to Kerie and UWP to get the news out about the new class that should be a lot of fun for those who are interested in learning Blender 3D computer graphics. As well as some fun for me along the way as well.  
Kerie and I spoke for 2 1/2 hours  about this project and various other physical projects that I build in the workshop.  With all of this there are also plans to start a Blender class not just for adult education but grade school classes as well that the university sets up each year for the local children in Platteville and surrounding areas. 
But this is not all of the news for today.  After reviewing of my blog with Kerie it has also been decided that I will be teaching a class on how to start your own blog! WHEW!  A very exciting day to say the least.
I have my work cut out for me with this new opportunity along with a couple of other projects that are rattling around in my head or in bits and pieces already laying on my work table in the workshop.  It all looks to be a very busy schedule over the coming weeks and months that follow.  I'll keep you up to date on this latest learning experience and let you know how it all turns out.  You can then call me Professor Langkamp once I get the classes off the ground.... :)

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