Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mythbuster's Adam Savage Builds A Duck Bomb!

The last couple of days I have been working on researching projects for my upcoming Blender class that I will be doing in the spring.  As is the usual case when I surf the Net I get side tracked in my work or should I say play and I come across other interesting things that peak my creative side.  This being todays post about a project created by TV show Mythbuster's Adam Savage who I am a big fan of and would dearly love to meet some day. Anyway Adam's latest project that I may play around with just for the fun of it is what he calls a "Duck Bomb".  Not at real thing that explodes but just annoying enough to wish that it would explode just so that it would all be over with just the same. 
  At the heart of the project is a dog toy named the "Squawkie Talkie".  This toy comes in various shapes such as a duck, chicken, flamingo to name a few that I have found.  It is quite a toy that in itself is interesting to see and I think a dog would love to play with.  It makes a strange sound when air is inhaled by it.  Odd thing to say but that's about the easiest way I can describe this gadget. You take the duck and squeeze all the air out of it and then let loose of it.  It then expands to it's original shape which in turn takes in air through it's mouth and makes this long drawn out annoyingly loud squawking noise.  It's hilarious to the point of being a sound you don't want to hear for hours on end and you do wish it would explode. 
  To better illustrate what Mr. Savage has put together it is simpler for me just to repost the video build of his project so that you can see for yourself what I am talking about and maybe get some ideas of your own by using this strange rubber squawking bird. 
 I thought it would be a great burglar alarm for a door.  If the door opened up, a pin could be pulled out of a container to release a duck or several ducks to sound the alarm that someone had broken in.  I think the burglar would probably take off running while having a heart attack at the same time.  A great device for pranks that's for sure.  
Here's the video so you can see what will surely become one of the next viral projects that will be taking off in makerspaces around the world in the coming months.

For more information about the "Squawkie Talkie" dog toy and where to get them here is the link on Amazon to buy them.

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