Photos Of Completed Projects

Video Camera Steadicams #1 and #2

Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer Enclosure

Waterbed Conversion To Platform Bed

Video Camera Mount For Your Car

Indian Motorcycle Light Display

3D Printed Semi Tractor and Lowboy Trailer
Complete With UFO

Powered Makerbot Video Camera Dolly

Perpetual Calendar

My Goldwing with my custom built trailer.
Even has custom coolers!

Full LED lights and hand built bumper.
My Tri-Yak Fiber Glass Kayak
The Tri-Yak kayak in sections.

My Mini Cooper with the kayak loaded  ready to travel.

Fiberglass composite recumbent racer.
Another view of my recumbent racer.
Parts of my BMW sign that I made for a car dealer.
The completed BMW sign.

Makerbot Paint Pole Camera Mount

This paint pole camera mount has a remote trigger. Photos can be taken on a large 12 foot paint pole.

Here are the photos of  home built CNC machine.  It will cut a 22 x 24 x 4 inch piece.

My CNC built 40 inch blimp
Gyrokite (helicopter kite) 36" rotors

1/6th scale 3D Printed Electric Car Model

3D Printed Johnny Quest Robot Spy Spider

The one and only Bob-R Fishing Hat

3D Printed Walking Machine

CNC Computer Monitor Desk


3D Printed Video Camera Sun Shield

3D Printed Digital Camera Sun Shield

3D Printed Ipad Stand

3D Printed Planetary Gear Set

3D Printed Large Scale Lego Jet Pack Man

3D Printed Magnetic Refrigerator Calendar

3D Printed iPad Tripod Mount

CNC Machine Enclosure

3D Printed Color Matched Cargo Carrier For My Recumbent Trike

3D Printed Toy Indy Racer 

Futuristic 3D Printed Motorcycle

3D Printed Large Scale Lego Gyrocopter Man

3D Printed IPad Video Teleprompter

The Tinker's Workshop Sign

2014 Mini Cooper Fiber Glass Storage Box

TerraTrike Radius T-T Velomobile

3D Printed JN4D Jenny Aircraft Model 
(36 inch wingspan, 23 inches long)

Recessed Computer Monitor Desk

Mini Cooper Logo Sign

(31" x 41")

1912 Indian Board Track Racer Display

(36" x 76")

                                   Steampunk Accent Light
                             TinkerTrac Video Camera Slider
                       Audio-technica Microphone Stand With Pop Filter
  Large work table (4' x 4.5') with two storage bins and PVC legs

Wireless microphone enclosure with
TTW (The Tinker's Workshop) Badge

Eye Glass Mounted Boom Microphone

Mini Boom Box

Paracord Neck Strap

The Captain America Ball Chair

Work Table Spray Booth

Planet Express Light Display

Honda Goldwing Micro- Cooler 

Inexpensive Repairable Microphone Pop Filter

Mokacam Hand Grip With Wrist Strap

Wooden Couch Table

The Ridekick Special Power Trailer

"Dexter" The Muppet

Chest mount for action camera

31" Tall Tin Man With Axe and Oil Can

50's Style Toy Space Gun

Another 50's Style Space Gun

Titan Spaceship Model