Friday, October 9, 2015

Blender 3D Classes Moving Forward And A Chuckle For Today

A few days ago I posted about setting up Blender 3D classes that I will be teaching at the University of Wisconsin in Platteville.  I am already amazed at the responses that I have been seeing and hearing about to this news and am happy to report the progress in getting these classes set up.  As with anything that you want or need to do it takes time and such is the case with working with the university and all they have to do to get the word out about the new classes.  When and where are the two big questions that I have answers for already.
    The classes will be held in one of the computer labs that the university already has set up and has been using for sometime now.  The big news is that the classes will be started in early February of 2016.  You may ask why not start sooner? 
  It takes time for the university to get any class set up, schedules to hold to, information about the class to be printed and distributed so perspective students can see what classes are available and the list goes on and on from there.  For me this gives me time to prepare for the introductory class that I have planned and if the response is big enough possibly an intermediate class to follow shortly after the intro class. 
   This still has not been decided but the introductory class is a start and that's what matters most. So mark your calendar for the first week in February 2016 and hopefully I will see you  in my class and I can get you started learning this great free 3D modeling software. 
  In another note while I was researching material for the introductory class today I came across this video made by my online teacher... Andrew Price.  Andrew is a young man from Australia that has taught me a great deal about using Blender 3D over the years and is my expert when I have questions that I can't find the answer to while working on a Blender modeling project.  He made this video called "Stuff Blender Users Say" a few years ago and I just had to pass it on to you just to give you a laugh. Maybe if you are able take my new class I can hopefully help you stop saying some of these things once you start learning to use this great software.  Enjoy!

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