Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Glowforge 3D Laser Cutter.... Another Tool On My Wish List

A couple of days ago while surfing online I came across the latest laser cutter that has just hit the open market.  It is the Glowforge 3D laser printer from  I am quite impressed what this desktop laser can do with a starting price of just under $2000.  Still a bunch of cash but a far cry from what I've seen over the years for laser cutters that were five times the cost, could cut parts the same size and have less capability than this machine.

Just to give you a quick rundown on the specs of this new machine it can cut a 12" x 20" part in the basic version and a 20" x infinite length of part in the "Pro" version.  The "Pro" version has a filter setup and a pass through ability to make a part 20" wide by how every long you want.  Glowforge crowdfunded the new machine and was only trying to get funds for $100,000.  Within four days on the campaign they had nearly $3,000,000 and was still going strong. 

  With an easy to use setup camera system drawings can quickly be aligned to the material you want to cut by using your Mac, PC or on an iPad or other tablet device!  So this is another piece of equipment that I will have to keep my eye on in the next year to see how the company does and what pricing and reliability will look like in that time.  For now the new machine are still be crowdfunded and has 26 days left before the campaign ends and the prices will go up after that time. So far it has my vote.  

For much more information about this interesting piece of equipment I've included a link below from the Glowforge website.

Here's another video from the "Tested" website from YouTube.  Great stuff to watch.  I'll have to save my nickels and dimes for this machine for the workshop but it will be worth the wait if I can swing it for future projects. 

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