Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The New CNC Computer Desk Project Has Started

To christen the new Tinker's Workshop today I started construction of the CNC computer desk project.  Over this next week I hope to get the desk put together so that I can fire up my CNC machine once again after a long absence. 

Having just completed work on the rebuild of the work table for the shop was a must.  I was putting it to good use today layout all the pieces of plywood that will be needed for the CNC computer desk.

Most of the parts for the desk were cut out using a hand held jig saw.  This was definitely the tool of the day for cutting out the holes in the sides and back of the desk.  I marked out the holes first using a good drafting compass and then drilled a quarter sized hole to slide the jig saw blade into.  Then just stay in the lines and follow the circle to cut it out. Piece of cake!

I will clean up the holes further using a drum sander to make sure they are as perfectly round as I can make them.  Already in this shot of the back of the desk, the holes look almost ready to go. The orange paint on the edge of the plywood is another thing that will have to be sanded off.  Just happen to have been put on the panel before I bought it.  Easy to take care of.  

Here all the parts for the desk are laid out with corresponding drawings of each part either for more machining or just for identification when it comes time to put the desk together.  I also will have to sand everything nice and smooth before assembly as it will be more difficult afterwards.   Like I said earlier this big work table is worth the effort to put together just to make projects like this easier to work on.  Much simpler than a smaller table or worse yet having to lay it out on the floor.  Saves the knees and your sanity all in one step.  More postings on the project will follow soon.

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