Monday, February 18, 2013

Get The Sunglasses Out. Bright Paint For The CNC Computer Desk!

The CNC computer desk is now completed with a rather bright paint job!  I finished painting the desk over the past few days and just now have gotten the computer monitor mounted to the vertical arm.  The desk is solid and rolls around easily with the caster wheels.  The paint turned out to be more orange than red but no matter what it still looks great and adds a lot more color to the Tinker's Workshop. Check out the photos.

Here I am relaxing just after construction of the desk was completed.  This gives you a good idea of how big the desk is and how well it works with my shop stool.  Just the right height and size.

The desk was next painted with white primer.  I did not paint the inside guides of the drawer as this was not needed and I suspect that the paint would more than likely made it more difficult to open the drawer. So I left it alone and the drawer glides in and out perfectly. The desk top at the time of this photo had already been painted with semi-gloss white paint.  I let it dry for a couple of days and then taped it off so the rest of the desk could be painted without messing it up.  You can see the monitor support laying on the floor next to the desk in the first photo which also needed to be painted for the project.

The drawer front in this photo is painted also with white primer.  Again I did not paint the rest of the drawer as it simply did not need to be done. 

 The computer desk is complete with a very bright redish-orange paint.  I planned on the desk to be just red but this color works for me also.  Always good to have something just a little different.  

 My taping job on the desk top worked out perfectly and with the bright orange paint it really stands out in the shop.  The monitor and mount on the vertical support is nice and clean looking as well. With the adjustable arm for the monitor it will be nice to be able to swing the monitor in whatever direction I want it to be.

 The drawer still slides in and out the way it should without any problems.  I added a simple black handle for the drawer to match the rest of the hardware that is on the desk.  

These last two photos are some nice shots of the completed desk ready for use.  It turned out very well and I suspect it will last me for a very long time while using my CNC machine.  Some people would probably rather have had the desk stained and varnished as it really looks like a piece of furniture.  But being as it will be in the workshop I did not see the point in going to that level with the desk.   No matter what the desk will be a nice addition to the workshop and will work will with the CNC machine when I get it back up and running again.  I'll cover it up and tuck it aside in the workshop for now until then. With the bright orange paint I am sure that I will be able to find it in the dark should the lights go out some stormy night. I'll have to keep my emergency flashlight in the drawer for just such an occasion.

Complete plans for this desk are now available for sale on the plans page of this blog for only $10.  Go to the top of the page and press the "Plans" button to see how to place an order.  You'll also find other great plans that may interest you as well.  Check it out!


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