Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Big Work Table For Big Projects

The final piece of the new Tinker's Workshop puzzle was completed today with the building of a big work table for big projects.  The original table in the workshop was 4 x 6 feet and with the new shop being twice as large as the old shop this table just would not do.  I decided to enlarge the table size to a full 4 x 8 foot by 35 inches tall.  Even with this larger table it is not a problem in the new shop to get around the big table to work on what I want to when the time calls for it.  The height of the table is perfect for standing next to or using my shop stool to sit and work on something without having to bend over to reach something.  Do that often enough and working on a project can literally be a pain.

The framework for the table is made up of standard 2 x 4 lumber.  The middle pieces are cut three inches short so that four 2 x 4 foot panels could be mounted to them securely using #10 1 1/2 inch wood screws.  I could have used just one big sheet of 4 x 8 foot 3/4 inch plywood but I had the smaller panels on hand so I thought I might as well use them on this simple work table.

 All four legs of the table are securely bolted to the table top using 1/2 inch nuts, bolts, and washers.  As all the legs are drilled exactly the same putting the table together is easy as any leg will fit in any corner of the table top. The table top frame is screwed together using #10 3" long wood screws.  Once the top is mounted to the framework it is very solid and strong enough to easily stand on top of.   

 In this shot you can see the amount of space that I will have around the table.  To the left of the table will be the big double door for the shop so large items can be moved into or out of the shop.  The table is light enough to slide over to allow the double doors to be opened easily when the need calls for it.  This will not be a daily thing so it should not pose a problem to leave the table where it is on a semi-permanent basis

  This is a good shot of the far end of the new Tinker's Workshop.  With the table being completed it is a nice addition to the shop and should serve me well in the coming months/years that I plan on using it.  Also today the doors for the shop had been delivered and hopefully I will get these installed in the coming weeks when I can get my good friend Garry to give me a hand with the installation of them. The shop will be warmer with the doors on as the heat will now stay in the shop instead of moving to the rest of the basement.  I am still thinking about possibly doing something with the floor but for now this will do nicely.
    Next on the agenda for the new shop will be the building of the  much needed computer desk for the CNC machine.  (See an earlier post to check out the design).  I have the wood for the desk ready for cutting so getting a new project started in the Tinker's Workshop will be the order of the day and another reason to smile.

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