Friday, June 8, 2018

Do It Yourself Engineering!

A couple of days ago I received in the mail a catalog that I had gotten several times over the past couple of years.  The catalog "The Great Courses" offers courses on everything from learning how to take better photos to becoming an expert in astronomy.  I thumbed through this catalog once again and found a course that peaked my interest and so I ordered it.  The course being "Do It Yourself Engineering".  Here is the course description word for word from the catalog.

Forget about fixing the faucet or building a bookself. You can confidently tackle a working suspension bridge, airplane, helicopter, catapult, clock, and other technological wonders
in your own home workshop. Taught by Professor Stephen Ressler of West Point, this course conducts you through 17 thrilling engineering projects that you can build at home.... from a suspension bridge across a small stream to a low altitude sounding rocket. Dr. Ressler walks you through the entire process, from design,  to build to test, showing you how to think like an engineer in approaching any problem.

I did not hesitate to order the course which I downloaded directly to my computer. I could have ordered a DVD instead but this works fine for me.  In the catalog the regular price for this course is listed at $269.95 for the DVD and $234.95 for the video download.  The great news is that this course and a lot of other courses are on sale until June 28th.  The Do It Yourself Engineering course dropped to $29.95 for the video download!  I could not resist.  I started watching the course lessons and they are very well presented and interesting as well. 

Here are the lecture titles.

1. Why DIY Engineering?                                     13. This is rocket science
2. Exploring the science of structure                     14. Build a rocket
3. Design and build a cardboard tower                  15. Make an electric launch controller
4. Bridging with beams                                          16. Let's do launch!
5. Make a suspension bridge                                 17. A tale of three catapults
6. Design a concrete sailboat                                 18. Build a ballista, Onager, and Trebuchet
7. Set Sail                                                               19. Design a Hydaulic Arm
8. Make a Radi0-controlled blimp                          20. Make a water turbine
9. Exploring Aerodynamics                                    21. Design a gear train
10. Build a model airplane                                      22. Make a mechanical clock
11. Take flight!                                                        23. Design a motor powered crane
12. Build a model helicopter                                   24. Creative design: A tribute to Rube Goldberg

To check out this course and many others you can go on line at  There you will find many more courses that may also peak your interest as well.  To get the sale price on this course or others that are on sale enter priority code 158534.  This is what was on my catalog.  Once I did this the price on the checkout changed to reflect the sale price.  As I said earlier the sale will end on June 28th so don't wait to long or you may miss this great course. 

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