Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Indian Motorcycle Workshop Display Progress

I managed to cross a couple of "T's" and dot a few "I's" with my Indian Motorcycle display project that I posted about earlier.  I contacted my supplier for the decal that I wanted for this large display today.  After discussing the project and finding out that the display would be three feet by six feet overall this idea started to progress until I found out the price for the decal.  Just the cost for this portion of the project would have blown the budget before I even got it off the ground.  I didn't want to spend more the $100 for the display and with the cost of the decal and materials for the panel to mount it on the numbers looked to be triple of what I wanted to spend.
 So I have shifted gears with the project and decided to have a banner made instead for the display. My supplier said that he could do this as well at a cost well over the $100 limit also.  I understood that my supplier is a business man that was trying to make a living and I still wanted to stay within my budget.  So with a thanks but no thanks I refused his price and decided to look elsewhere for my banner. 
  I succeeded when I went online and tracked down my supplier for my business cards for the blog.  They also make more things than business cards.  Labels, coffee mugs, magnetic decals for you car and of course banners and a lot of other interesting things.  This company by the way is the well know business supply company Vista Print.  They advertise on TV all the time and they are good at what they do and offer at a very reasonable price. They have done good work for me before so I thought I would see what they could do for me now.  
  I went on to their website and started plugging in the information needed to create a banner along with the artwork of the Indian motorcycle. After a couple of minutes of tweaking the wording for the 2.5 foot by 6 foot banner and getting the right layout for this project I was thrilled to place the order for only $37.14.  Well within my $100 budget.  Here is what the new banner will look like. 

The banner will have eyelets in the corners so that I can hang it up nice and tight.  I plan on making a wooden framework that will wrap around the perimeter of the display and then have bungee straps connected to the eyelets and mounts in each corner of the frame.  Over all size of the frame will have to be three foot by six and a half foot in size.  So the next step in the project is to get this framework designed and built so that it is strong and stiff enough to keep it square and true while it is being hung on the wall.   The framework I suspect will have to be made up of 1 x 4's with mounting blocks in the corners.  These will be hidden mostly by the banner that will be pulled tight within the frame.  The frame could be either painted white or strained and varnished.  I will have to see once I get everything put together before I decide which way I want to go.  I should receive the new banner by next week.  This looks like this will be another fun build and will be a great addition to the workshop when it is completed.  Stay tuned for further developments on this and other great projects here at the shop.  Have a good one!

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