Friday, March 27, 2015

Dr. Who Tardis Plans Available Now At Reduced Price!

Attention all Dr. Who Fans!  The British Police Call Box plans that have been available here on the blog have been reduced in price by 40%.  I have decided to bring the price down from $25.00 to just $15.00 for the complete set of plans to this great project.  If you ever wanted to build a "Tardis" and didn't know where to start then you've come to the right place. These plans are very complete and detailed with over 70 professionally prepared  drawings, 60 illustrations and 14 assembly drawings to show you step by step how to build your very own full sized British police call box (Tardis). 
  All the dimensions for the project are in feet and inches so you won't have to learn the metric system to build it.  To see a complete video review of what is in the build manual check out the video below.  The video was shot some time ago and it states that the plans can be downloaded from another site.  This has been changed to make it simpler for you to order plans right here on this blog.  Go to the upper right hand side of the home page and select the plans link and you will be able to place your order for this project or any number of other projects listed there that you may be interested in. 

These plans have a complete materials list to show you what you will need to start building your very own Tardis. Now is you chance to own a piece of TV memorabilia that will be strong, sturdy and last for years.  Also I have to mention that this project is especially designed so that it can be assembled and disassembled by just two people. It can be taken apart in sections, transported and reassembled to a new location if the need should arise.  A nice feature to be sure that will come in handy if and when you ever have to move the Tardis.  So get a set of plans now and start building!

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