Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Project For The New Year...... Giant Gyrocopter Lego Man

Now in the deep freeze here in the Midwest with temperatures well below zero today I find that I need to start another new project for the coming new year. This new project is similar to one that I completed some time back.  It has been on my mind and so now is the time to start making it happen.  I originally designed and built a large scale Lego man with a jet pack on his back.

This little or should I say big guy has gotten a great response from my readers here on the blog and from those people who have been lucky enough to see the model first hand.  To give you an idea of scale a regular size Lego man is standing next to my version of "Jet Man" in the photo above.  The big model is around eleven inches tall.  The only drawback to this guy is that I did not allow him to be removed from the jet pack.  So that has led me to version two of this guy.

Here is the next project that I will be starting to print parts for using my 3D printer today.  I have it 99.99% designed and only have one little tweak to lock the design down.  This is Gyrocopter Man and it is a BIG model.  The dimensions of the entire model are impressive to say the least.  The gyrocopter will be 23 inches long, 14 inches tall (top of rotor mast) and 9 inches wide.  

The man sitting in the seat will be removable this time around with an improved helmet design which includes goggles.  He will be fully pose able and is the same scale as the jet pack Lego man. The gyro will have a full compliment of instruments with each gauge being 3/4 of an inch in diameter.  The wheels will be mounted with 1/4 inch aluminum rod shafts. The propeller and the main rotor will even spin if I choose to make it happen.

The engine for the gyrocopter is also impressive in size as it is 5 1/4 wide  and nearly four inches tall by four inches long.  I especially like the velocity stacks on the top of the engine as well as the exhaust headers on both sides.  
  All parts for the model will be made using my 3D printer except for the axle shafts and the decals for the instruments.  It will be another nice addition to the other models that I have put together over the years.  Check out the completed projects link at the top of the page to see these models for yourself. 

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