Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Artwork Of My Dream Car

  This past couple of weeks I have not been able to create more dust in my workshop simply because I am waiting for supplies to be delivered for the velomobile project that I've posted about previously.  So with that not happening at the moment I spent some of my free time in other interests such as going to Oshkosh Wisconsin to see the Experimental Aircraft Association convention.  I have been to this convention at least a half dozen times over the years and it is always an interesting thing to check out.  Other than the air show itself and all the planes that come and go I came across the Ford Motor Company pavilion.  To my surprise parked outside were three Ford GT cars in all their splendor.  At this point a B52 could have dropped a bomb on the field and I could have cared less.  This was my dream car.  With saliva drooling down the corner of my mouth I got to see my fantasy car up close an personal.  Needless to say I just had to shoot some photos of my favorite one of the group.

Of the three Ford GT's that were there this car was calling me.  I was able to get this photo and a few more views that day at Oshkosh without a crowd of people standing in front of it.  The other two GT's were just as nice but in blue racing colors and one in white.  My rule of thumb when it comes to sportscars is the only color that counts is red.  
  So after having spent some time with my dream car and getting a good sunburn from the day in Oshkosh I trudged back to my car and headed back home to my quiet little town and the workshop once again.  I found out that I had walked nine and a half miles through the day and I was ready to put my feet up to call it a day.
My mind kept going back to my dream car. I knew I just had to create a new drawing of it.  This is what I came up with.

This drawing of the Ford GT turned out very well and some day when I win the lottery or one of my old rich uncles passes away and I inherit a fortune I will be able to buy one.  This is not at all likely as I don't play the lottery and I know for sure none of my relatives have anywhere near the money I need for such a vehicle.  For now I will just have to be happy with the fact that I got to spend a little time with my dream car and I have a nice drawing to show off to all of you reading this post. Like anything else in this world it is nice to have a dream and to just come close to touching it from time to time makes life worth it all.  Enjoy the drawing and keep tinkering. 


  1. Your dream car looks perfect for drag racing! But of course it would be different if you drive it on a busy city. Anyway, I'm always fond of SUVs. They can be my buddy whenever I go to a rough road tripping or out on a picnic with my family.

    Ava @Elite Toyota

  2. Wow! That car is really gorgeous! I think you should continue drawing your dream possessions. It helps you be motivated on getting it. Well, I guess you don’t have to have a very rich relative or win a lottery to get that car. Just keep yourself well-driven and hardworking, and your dreams would turn into reality. Good luck!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler Products

  3. I agree with Diane. Setting a visual image of your dreams can be quite motivating. It pushes you to work harder and achieve your goals. And who knows, you could even attract some car manufacturers through your designs. That would be worthwhile, yes?

    Lance Gross @ Royal on the East Side