Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Updated Blender 3D 1912 Indian Motorcycle

With the success I have been having working with Blender 3D in my last post I decided that I wanted to update my 3D model of an 1912 Indian motorcycle racer that I had done years back.  First I will show you the early computer images that I had created. 

These two images are what I have had posted on my 3D page here on the blog since my first days of writing about the projects that I work on.  I am still very proud of what I managed to put together years ago.  But as with anything there is always room for improvement.  Blender is not an exception to this rule and so with this latest effort I was able to updated the version of my earlier model. 

Due to to updates that Blender 3D had made not to long ago I am now able to create the image that you see here. Much better graphics and more realistic lighting.  Hard to believe it is all just a computer model and not the real thing. 

I have been working with Blender 3D now for around 13 years.  I don't get to play with it as often as I would like with all the other projects that I have going on either in the workshop or my computer room but as you can see my efforts once again are paying off when I can create something that looks like this. Gives me all kinds of ideas on what could be created if you take the time to put it all together and not be afraid to learn something new.  
  This in point with this update was how to get the Indian decal on the tank of the racer.  The process had changed quite a lot since I did the first rendering but after some investigative work online I found out how to put it all together.
   I had to first find the computer image of the decal. Next I had to recreate it in the computer to clean it up as the original was no where near useable.  It was a very poor image.  After I had redrawn the decal I had to figure out how to make the background of the image transparent.  Something new I had never done before.  The image needed to be transparent so that only the lettering of the decal would show up on the tank.  No white background.  After that  I had to find out the process to put the decal on the tank using Blender 3D's new Cycles render engine. Sounds like a long an drawn out process but after I got all the step done it really was just a bunch of small steps to get the end result.  It was worth the effort don't you think?  Enjoy the images of this latest project.

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  1. Wow! Your right, I thought you had actually took a photo untill I had read your blog. Nice work.