Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Preview Using Blender 3D

  These past couple of weeks I've been putting my new computer to good use with the designing work that you have seen for the TerraTrike body project.  This project is still progressing nicely and that is as with anything you work on always a good thing.  Along with this project I have gotten back to work on another project that Blender 3D is perfect for.  Blender 3D if you do not already know is an open source 3D graphics/animation/game creation software that you can download online for free.  I have been using the software for around 13 years now and am learning new things with it every time I play with it.
  The latest project I started several years back for some close friends of mine.  Garry and Kris (my friends) have wanted to remodel their kitchen for years and wanted to see what it would look like before they started.  This is where Blender 3D comes in.  I decided to use this incredible software to model the kitchen for them. With the latest updates in the software and some tutorials that have become available I have been able to create something special for them.  

This image which I created a couple of years ago was the best I could come up with at the time.  It's an okay image and it gives you a general idea of what the kitchen will look like once it is updated but is far from being something spectacular to look at. To many things wrong about the image to even begin listing them here. So I am very proud to show you what I've come up with now.

This is not a photo of the real kitchen but what I've managed to put together using Blender 3D!  I'm amazed how it turned out.  I took the dimensions of the real kitchen and was able to model it to scale correctly and with proper lighting from the windows in the room.  I really like the marble materials for the island and cherry cabinets.

This is the same computer model but with different lighting to show you what the kitchen will look like during the night time with only the under cabinet lights on.  This really gives you a feel for the room and how it will look.  

One last view of the kitchen shows what it will look like at night with all the lights on.  So this is a vast improvement over the first attempt I made to model the kitchen.  This gives you just a little taste of what Blender is capable of and there are tons of tutorials online to get anyone started in using this software.  
  To create what I have done here I used a tutorial from Blender expert Andrew Price who has his own website called Blender Guru.  I have learned a lot from him over the years and his site is the best that I have found for working with Blender 3D,  If you want to get started learning how to use Blender check out the link I have listed below.  Enjoy the photos and good luck on your own project using Blender 3D.

To download Blender 3D for free go to the Blender 3D website link here.


  1. Great job brother Dave. I'm just starting a project management and renovation company here in Canada. One of my first tasks is to figure out a way to take 'before' pictures of insides and outsides of houses and change them to show 'after' images for clients. This page helped a lot. I'm gonna download blender. Please keep posting more tutorials in this area or links to tutorials. Once again all the best to you in your projects

  2. Wow! I would be amazed and very proud of myself also. That is such cool software that you have mastered, I can't believe how good it looks. You should actually think about turning it into a career of some sort, you seriously have that much talent. Good for you on getting the job done!

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement