Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tinker's Workshop Has A New Wall!

Today has been another busy day here at the Tinker's Workshop with my completion of the new wall that will close off the workshop from the stairway that leads to the upstairs in my house.  The real work today was matching up the step so that they bumped up against the stud wall and  putting up the plasterboard that had to match up to the steps on the stairway.  Here's how I managed to get it all put together. 

With all of the steps a spacer needed to be added to the end of the step so that there would be no gap between the step and the new wall.  If there was a gap it would be difficult to install the plasterboard. Also the look would not be right without the spacers as there would be gaps under each step as well.  

I cut spacers for each step and spray painted them flat black to match the black steps.  This filled in the gap on each step nicely.  Took a bit of time to fit all the parts between the wall the the steps but the look made the effort worth it.  With all the steps done this way the plasterboard could be installed.

What needed to be done first was to make a template for the steps out of cardboard.  This paid off big time as I could get a good fit with the plasterboard first time out and not mess it up and have it cost me time and money.  The cardboard template took a bit of time to measure and cut out and then check the fit. 

Here you can see the fit up of the cardboard template.  Notice the big gaps around the steps.  I solved this bad fit up by using blue painter take to make a better guide that would match the step better.

Here you can see the difference of the cardboard and the steps with the blue painters tape covering the gaps. Read on further to see how well this idea worked out.

Here the template is laid out on the plasterboard so that it can be traced out.  I just had to make sure that I now followed the outer perimeter of the painters take as shown here.

After the plasterboard had been marked I cut it out using a jigsaw.  This was fast and easy to do and made a nice clean cut on the plasterboard.

A perfect fit!  The new plasterboard was then screwed into place.

This is a good view of how well the panel matched up to the steps after using the template and painters tape for adjustments.

Here the lower portion of the wall has been completed the same way as the upper section.  Again screwed into place as before.  All I need to do now is plaster the seams and screw holes and it will be ready for paint.

The wall that faces the workshop was mounted with plasterboard next.  This was the simpler of the tasks that needed to be done today. The only twist was cutting the hole for the electrical outlet.  This was just a matter of measuring the box and it's location and then checking the fit when mounting the plasterboard.   Everything was screwed into place and the wall is ready for plaster and paint.  Along with this wall the rest of the shop will be painted white.  Should brighten up the shop even more. Just will be real happy to get rid of the awful green paneling. One thought for  the new wall was to mount a peg board over the entire wall.  I will have to look into possibly doing this.  All depends on cost of course.  Another step closer to moving more tools into the new work space. 
  I'm pooped from the work that I got through today but with that exhaustion is another big grin on my face as I know the work is worth the effort in getting the new Tinker's Workshop set up and running.  Closer with every little step.

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