Friday, January 11, 2013

Latest Workshop Progress Is A Visual Delight

 I wanted to get this update out tonight as it has been a week since my last post.  A lot has been happening in my life this week with all that has been going on with the workshop project and my family.  Some of it good and some not good at all.  So I am more than happy that this week has passed and I am still moving along on the building of the new workshop.
  With that in mind I wanted to show you the progress that has taken place over the past couple of weeks with these photos to illustrate my point. 

 Here once again is the stairway that I started with at one end of the workshop that needed to be closed up.  I removed the 2 x 4 post and railing that was not needed. 

 Next came the installation of the new wall.  Already looking a lot better and with the setup framed and ready for the door at the end of the shop.

Hard to believe that this is the same room after painting the ugly green walls with white primer today.  A couple more coats of white paint and and it will be ready for the door installation. 

Here the new lighting was installed so that I could see what I am looking at while working in the new shop.

  Here again is the same shot with the green walls finally primed in white (What an improvement!) with the ceiling panels in place and the ugly carpet removed for good.  The single door was removed and the new larger doorway has been framed and ready for the new double doors that have been ordered.  So things are moving right along and the doorways are ready for the new doors when they arrive in a couple of weeks.
  The one thing that I noticed today while priming the green paneled walls was that now I will have to paint the rest of the shop walls as well.  With the paneled walls unpainted the other walls in the shop looked to be painted white.  Now that the paneled walls are painted I find that the so called white walls have actually an ugly blotchy green tint.  So I will have to paint the entire shop so it all matches.  Now is the time to do it right so I am forced to bite the bullet and paint everything....get it all over with. Not my idea of fun as painting is not on my list of fun things to do but in the end I will be happier and I will have a shop that I will be proud to show off and work in.
  So that is where things are at today.  Progress is still being made  almost daily and it all takes time.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I will wrap up the building of the new Tinker's Workshop and I can get the work tables and tools set up and running once again.  Stay tuned for future posts and future projects.  As always keep tinkering!

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