Friday, March 16, 2018

Space Patrol Pistol Stand......An Update

After having spent the last couple of days 3D printing the stand for my newly created Space Patrol pistol I thought I should show it off as it turned out better than I had hoped.  So here you go.

The Space Patrol pistol display stand worked out very well as you can see.  I 3D printed the base for the stand using ABS plastic and it took roughly 6.5 hours to print.  It is a fairly large piece being 8" x 4.75" and 1/2" thick.  The vertical cradle for the pistol was also 3D printed and took 9 hours 20 minutes to make.  This simple slid into a rectangular opening in the base and was a very good fit so no glue was needed to keep everything in place.  

I spray painted the two components for the stand in flat black paint as I did not want the stand to be the focus of attention when the pistol was being displayed yet I still wanted something more than a simple look to the assembly.

To keep the pistol's paint from being scuffed while it was resting on the stand I added small felt pads to the curved indentations that were matched up to the shape of the body of the pistol.  The pads had a sticky back to them so it was a quick addition to the assembly that will serve very well in keeping the pistol in nice condition over the coming years. 

With the pistol resting on it's stand it was easier for me to get these shots of them together. 

I had to get one more shot for this post so I thought I would put both space pistols that I now have completed side by side. They make an interesting pair to say the least.  I still have plans to do one more pistol some time in the future but until then I am more than happy to be done with painting for a while and sit back and enjoy my efforts. 

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