Thursday, September 14, 2017

My 15 Minutes Of Fame!

This week I was awarded quite an honor by my local paper.  A reporter for the Tri-County Press had interviewed me for the paper last week and I was very honored to talk with the young lady that arrived at my home.  I showed her most of what I have been posting about on my blog over the past six years and after and hours time I had covered everything from 3D printing parts to making my velomobile.  I thought I would be lucky enough to get a small article written about me somewhere on the back pages of the paper.  To my surprise yesterday when I picked up the latest issue there I was on the front page!  In full color no less.  Granted my little town of only a population of a little over 2000 residence would not have a circulation that would rival the New York Times but I was still quite honored to rate the front page.  Dena Harris the editor of the paper and also the reporter I spoke with wrote a very nice article about me and the projects that I create.  So with all that said I thought I would post scans that I had made of the paper just for the fun of it.  Enjoy.

Click on the images to get a much larger view to read the article.

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