Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Big Week....New Project, Old Tool Sold and New Shop Tool Acquired

This week has brought a new project to the shop along with a new tool that I have needed for more years than I can count along with the selling of a tool I never used.   This all started actually a couple of years ago when my Brother-in-law decided to move and get rid of his shop.  Or at least down size it a bit I am really not sure which it was anymore.  Anyway he had a really nice jigsaw that he no longer wanted.  I picked it up for $100 and thought it could be something that would be good in my shop.  Wrong.  I never found a project in the three years that I owned it that I needed to use it. I never even fired it up to run it.

Here is the scroll saw that  I cleaned it up and ran for the first and only time in the shop a few days ago. I put it on Craigslist and sold it in about an hour and a half. Really only  1 1/2 hours! It was a very nice tool but the wrong tool for my shop.  I got my $100 back that I paid for it and was not sorry to see it go.

Here is the new router and router table that filled the empty space where the scroll saw used to be.  It took me a bit of time to get it all put together but I am happy to say that I am very pleased with the new tool especially because it is exactly what I need for my current project.

This last Christmas season while I was doing some shopping I came across a small table that you would use when sitting on your couch so that you could either work on your laptop, eat dinner or whatever. This is my version of that table.

  The one I had seen last Christmas was not much different than the one you see here other than the fact that it was made of metal and painted black.  I liked the idea and the table looked ok and all but the price was over $100!  I knew I could make something that worked just as well and did not even come close to being that expensive.  So another project was born. 

I have all of the wooden parts cut out already and have even gotten most of the parts edges routered(?) using the new router table.  (It worked great by the way.)  So in a few more days I will be putting out the next post showing the assembly of the table and hopefully have it stained and varnished also.  The table is made out of clear pine that I will stain either oak or cherry.  Not sure which one yet and then varnish.  But the images of the table above are exactly how the table should look when completed.  It will stand 26" tall, 20" wide and 16" deep.  This will give me a good table top size for whatever I plan on using it for.  The legs are tapered so that they will easily slide under my couch when I sit and watch TV while having dinner say.  I'll post more about this project just as soon as I get it pretty well wrapped up and some photos taken of it.   Have a good day in your shop.  Today was one of the better days for me in that regard.  

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