Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blender 3D 1967 Triumph GT6 Project

For those of you who have followed my blog for some time now you know that I had created a number of computer images using Blender 3D software.  My last project (The VW Bus) along with a ton of work that I had created over the years sadly is gone.  The external hard drive for my computer that I had thought I had safely tucked away these files along with a lot of others died about a month ago or so and with it all of my Blender files.  Luckily photos of my work have remained and so all was  not lost.  With this happening I immediately set up a triple backup plan into action and am now using it so hopefully this will never happen again.

  So on to bigger and better Blender projects!  This being the case today as I have started work on a Blender model of a British sportscar that I owned for over 18 years.  This being my 1967 Triumph GT6 pictured above. This car was similar to the Triumph Spitfire but instead of having a four cylinder engine had an inline six cylinder.  It was fast and was a blast to drive.  A great little sports car but enough history for now. 

With all of my Blender models of vehicles I start out with a set of blueprints.  The image above is exactly what I needed to start the Blender model for the GT6 project.  These blueprints can be found online at The-Blueprints.com and I was able to get this one for free so that always works. They have over 75,000 blueprints that can be downloaded for free so it's the best place to check out for finding blueprints for making a Blender car model.

I also lucked out and found this image of the car.  This I was able to take a screen shot of from a site called Sports Car Art by David Townsend.  He has a lot of different sports cars that he will make prints up for you that will match your particular car that you drive. He does beautiful work.  Again I was lucky to have found his site but I had to reverse the image for my Blender 3D layout of the GT6 to get it the way I wanted for the project. It is much more accurate to how the car's stance is in real life.  The blueprint looked to me to having the body to high in reference to the ground.  Again I was happy to find what I needed here to get things set up properly.

I then put the blueprint along with the colored broadside view of the car into Blender and aligned them so I could get an accurate layout to set up the body for the computer image.  In these pictures you can also see that I have already been hard at work modeling the tires and rims for the car. The front, side, top, and rear blueprints help me in getting the Blender model to look right while creating the car.  

Here is a much better finished rendering of one of the tires along with its 48 spoke chrome rim.  My actual car came with spoked rims and so I wanted to use this in my Blender model.  I was happy to be able to put together a good looking tire tread also for the model.  It took a bit of time to get this set up but it was worth the effort to get a more believable looking tire than what I have created in earlier car models.

To get the spokes for the rim laid out correctly for the Blender model I used the photo above as a guide.  I put the image into Blender and was able to model one spoke and then duplicate it as many times as I needed and revolve it around the center of the rim.  I had to do this several times to get all 48 spokes into the computer model.  In the end again my efforts paid off.  I will still have to work out the brake drums or discs for each tire but that will be much simpler than the spokes that you see here.

  I wanted to get the wheels set up first in the model as I find them to be a bit more challenging than most of the body. I'll post more as I get moving farther along with this Blender model of my favorite little car and let you know how it all is progressing.  For further information about where to get car blueprints for you Blender 3D car model check out the link below along with the link for Sports Car Art from David Townsend.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say, I love your work. The effort you put in is incredible! Keep it up !