Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blender 3D VW Bus Project Part 6

Today's progress on the VW bus project has taken a good portion of the day to complete.  New headlights, signal lights, mirrors, and door handles have now been added to the model. The headlights and signal lights took the most amount of time to get this detail correctly modeled.  I'm still fussing with the lighting as you can see from these few images just to get some more ideas for the final renders that I want.

The headlights took several tries in order to get the right look that I was going for.  I was happy to have collected all of the reference photos so this helped out quite a bit in getting it all worked out.

I am quite happy with the detail of the signal lights and even the housings for the headlights.  The chrome rings around these lights show up nice and bright to finish off the front of the bus perfectly. I also had to add chrome rings around the inner mounted headlights to get the right look to match the real thing. 

I am looking forward to adding the bumpers to the bus which will give the bus a bit more bright work to the model.  The mirrors and door handles add a bit more detail and were not terribly difficult create. The plus side with most of the modeling of the vehicle when it came to these parts was the fact that these parts could be mirrored on the model.  So if I made one side the other side of the vehicle would match perfectly.  This is how the lights on the vehicle were also set up. 

  With all of the detail on the outside of the bus it would be pointless to not finish the model off and do the inside as well.  This was exactly what I did when I created the VW bug Blender model.  It made it much more realistic in the finished images so it's something on my to do list for this model as well.  An additional 6.5 hours have been added to the model build time now which brings the total up to 41.5 hours.   I'll post the next installment as soon as possible.  Enjoy the updated images.

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