Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3D Printed Velomobile Trike Is Completed!

I managed to put the finishing touches on my 1/4 scale 3D printed Velomobile Trike this afternoon.  It was a challenging model to put together but nothing that was terribly difficult to assemble.  My measurements for the original computer model only needed to be tweaked just a bit in a couple of areas to have the model look the way it does.

The model being 1/4 scale of the real thing turned out to be of a good size.  It is 17.5 inches long, 9.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall.  I had to draw the line when it came to how much detail I wanted in the model simply because of the limitations of my 3D printer.  Case in point is the fact that the trike does not have a chain or steering that actually works.  This was expected and so I was not disappointed in my efforts to make a model of the trike that makes my velomobile actually move down the road. 

Even with the limitations of my 3D printer I am still rather proud of my latest creation and how it has turned out.  Again another case in point is the mesh seat, the rims and tires as well as the front crank assembly with the pedals. This will make a nice addition to the display that I have planned for the upcoming MakeFest in Davenport Iowa in mid July.  There I will have the opportunity to display the real velomobile that I had completed last year along with this model and a large assortment of photos of how it was all put together.  I am also told that the convention center is so large that I will be able to drive the velomobile around inside the building  during the MakeFest.  Should be a lot of fun and a very eventful day. 
   I have all the necessary parts and plans made to get my velomobile to the Makefest and I will pass along additional information about the event just as soon as I get more news about it from my friends at the QC-Colab makerspace in Davenport Iowa.  So mark your calendar for mid-July and hopefully you will be close enough to Davenport Iowa take in the Makefest and I can show you the velomobile first hand.  Until then enjoy these photos and I will update you as soon as I can about this exciting upcoming event. 

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