Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Fiber Glassing Progress On The Velomobile

Yesterday was another big day of work on the velomobile project with a little over three hours of fiber glassing being completed.  As I have told many of you over the past couple of years since I've started my blog fiber glassing is not rocket science but it is very time consuming. I enjoy laying the fiber glass down and getting the foam in this portion of the project finally sealed up.  All of the final prep work to get the body of the velo ready for paint is where the real grunt work happens. 

Here's the body of the velo once again turtle side up.  The glassing of the underside went smoothly as there is very little fussing that needed to be done to lay the fiber glass down over the now upside down bottom edge of the body. Again you can see the difference in color of the glass on the foam from the top edge down to about six or seven inches below that edge.  I just took a look at how it turned out and it looks to be another good effort.

I was able to seal up the entire front end of the body with this go around of glassing.  All that needs to be done now are the sides.  I'll have to do some prep work around the housings for the lights and the access ports on both sides beforehand but this should not pose any real problems.  I'll also have to do some more smoothing of the foam strips to make sure the body is as even as I can get it at this point. The plus side to glassing the sides is that the areas will be laying flat when I lay the glass down.  Makes things a bit easier for this portion of the project. Again I will have to pick and choose my work days as today is to cold to even attempt glassing in the garage.  Hopefully some time this week I will get the body glassing completed. I'll let you know when this is done and how the next steps in the project progress. Have a good day in your workshop.

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