Friday, September 6, 2013

75,000 Visitors! Let The Celebration Begin! Thank You Everyone!

  With an amazing number of visitors to the site reaching an unprecedented 75,000 today, the Tinker's Workshop has reached a great landmark. 
  I wish to thank all of you who have followed my creative efforts while working on 3D and 2D artwork, tinkering, planning, and building a wide variety of projects over the past two years.  The emails and comments that I have received from around the world have always made my days and shown me that there is great interest in what I am working on, writing about and showing everyone from week to week.  
  It is amazing to me that there is so much interest in what I do and what I still plan on working on in the future.  Because of all of you I am encouraged to continue my efforts here at the Tinker's Workshop.
  So with that in mind again I say "Thank You" and as usual wish that all of you have a great day tinkering in your own workshops. 


Dave Langkamp
The Tinker's Workshop

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