Thursday, June 27, 2013

Inexpensive Recumbent Trike Cargo Box

  I put the finishing touches on the cargo box for my recumbent trike this morning after doing a little shopping at Walmart yesterday.  This is what I came up with for very little money.

I originally was looking for a milk crate but could not track one down without having to travel a great distance or pay more than I wanted to for shipping online.  This little cargo box I found at Walmart for $7.00 so it was just what I needed.

I turned the box upside down and found that it has a nice flat bottom to it.  On this I printed two brackets that hold the bungee cords in place once I had bolted them to the box using 10-24 hardware and large flat washers on the inside.  The brackets are spaced so that they fit between to cargo rack tubes when mounted in place. When the cargo box is strapped down it does not slide and is held securely with the bungee cords.  The box also can be put on to the trike or removed in under 10 seconds so I don't have to have to carry it when I am just out getting some exercise. 

The cargo box also came with a snap on lid so I can carry something securely without having to worry about it flying out of the box.  But mainly the purpose of the cargo box for me is just to be able to pick up something at my local grocery store if I need it in a hurry and not have to fire up my car to do so. 
  The red locking clasps at the top of the box are also a good highlight that will make the trike just a little more visible.  So I'm all ready to leave my car in the garage when I need  a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk from my grocery store a few blocks away.  One less vehicle burning up fuel for a very short trip, saving a little money along the way, getting some exercise, and doing my part to save the environment.  I call that another good idea all the way around.

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