Saturday, May 11, 2013

Solsylva CNC Machine Enclosure Video Part Two

After a long day in the shop I managed to get all the 2 x 2 parts cut and trimmed for the Solsylva CNC machine enclosure build today.  The video says it all with every different kind of piece you can image that had to be cut.  Lots of saw dust..... five gallons worth to be exact so I got a real workout today with what all had to be done.  The next video will show all the pocket holes that need to be made for the build but this will be simple compared to what I went through today. Once all the pocket holes have been made then some plywood panels will need to be cut and assembly of the enclosure can start.  Keep checking in as I will do my best to continue putting video together for you.

To see a larger video of what I have posted here please go to my YouTube link listed here.

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