Sunday, February 19, 2012

British Police Call Box Plans Now Available Here

Dr. Who Fans rejoice!  Now The Tinker's Workshop has complete plans for a British Police Call Box available!  After some time I am finally able to offer a complete set of plans to this project here.  Just select the "Plans" link at the top of this page to order a digital download of the plans.
  These plans are very complete and detailed. Professionally prepared with over 70 drawings, 60 illustrations and 14 assembly drawings. All dimensions for the project are in feet and inches so you won't have to learn the metric system to build it. 
  Check out the video below for a review of what is in the manual to see what it is all about.  Again order plans here not through as this site is no longer carrying the plans.

Watch the video here.  Press the YouTube button for a larger view.


  1. Thank you so much for the British Police Call Box plans ~ I have NOT got them yet but will be soon! this is going to be cool because it will have a fake door in the back to get to my Rat Rod shop!

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  3. Hello Dave, I am very close to pulling the trigger on purchasing the plans. Quick two questions. Do you have a photo of a completed project? Lastly, how large is the materials list? I'm hoping this shouldn't cost me too much to build (fun side hobby).

    Thanks! Amazing website by the way. You have a rare skill set!

  4. How much are the plans? If they are for sale to whom and to where do I send the money?
    Please respond back to this comment. To this email address tonyharmon14@gmail.come

    1. You can order plans by clicking the link at the top right of this page. Just below the logo you will find the link titled "Project Plans and 3D Printer STL Files". Click this link and from there you will see the plans and files I have available and the prices along with info on how to order them.