Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cardboard Hedgehopper Jet Build Manual Review

For some time now I have been wanting to put this video together and the information contained in it for a small toy jet that I designed and built for my son Eric many years ago.  He is now finishing college so that will give you and idea how many years it has been.  The jet was made using one refrigerator box!  Eric loved the jet and played with it until he could no longer get into it.  Anyway I finally knuckled under today and got all the information together in one place and put the plans for the jet online for sale. Here is the link to the site where you can check out more information about the Hedgehopper Jet and how to buy a set of plans.

Here also is the sales pitch that goes along with that information and on the site you can download free sample files to check it all out. 

This is a complete set of plans to build the one and only Hedgehopper Jet. A toy jet that is made from one refrigerator box Fast, easy, inexpensive construction that your children will love to play with. The plans will walk you step by step through the construction process with this 35 page manual. It has over 60 photos, 36 illustrations, and 25 technical drawings professionally prepared to make the build that much easier. The build manual also comes with 13 full size templates and another 13 full size, full color paper decals to decorate your Hedgehopper Jet once it is built. Light weight cardboard makes it safe and practically free to build when you pick it up from your local appliance store. They toss out large boxes every week and you can get them for little or nothing just for the hauling. Your son or daughter will love this big jet and it won t cost you an arm and a leg to build it. It is around five feet long with a wing span of 43 inches. It can be moved around easily and stored on it s tail when not in use. Build a squadron of them and do formations in a parade. Your kids will love owning a Hedgehopper Jet.

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